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What is All on 4 & All on 6?

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Those who are facing any sort of problem-related to teeth should not bother nowadays. Due to advancements in dentistry, you can easily get all the problems solved. Remember if you have proper teeth you are surely going to look good and your confidence level will also increase. So, get rid of any problem related to teeth at the earliest.

Choose An Experienced Oral Surgeon or Dentist

The most important thing is to search for a dentist or oral surgeon who will do the proper study of your teeth and based on that you shall be given correct advice. You can also seek advice from your relative or friend who has recently got the All On 4 or All On 6 treatments done. Fix an appointment with your dentist so that the dentist gets sufficient time to examine the problem and discuss it with you. The treatment for each patient is different based on the several factors and thus clinician needs to have a proper understanding of unique factors of each patient. However, a good dentist will also listen carefully to the patient and understand what the patient wants.

Both the treatments are equally good but you should always get the one that your dentist suggests you. A few years back patients were not aware of this treatment. But now of everyone is aware about it and has some knowledge about it.

The Major Difference Between the Two

The number of implants is the most important difference between the All on 4 and All on 6. All on 4 utilizes implants that are four in number while all on 6 utilizes in plants that are six in number. Usually, all on six procedure is adopted basically by the dentist as it provides better stability and strength. It also offers a smile that is long-lasting and comfortable. Whenever you bite or chew something the overall pressure must be evenly dispersed on the implants as well as to your jaw. Show the placement, as well as the location of these 2 additional implants, plays a vital role in offering long term stability, strength, and benefit to the patient.

Benefits of additional implants

Due to these additional implants, you will be able to bite and chew your food easily without any difficulty. It also offers more strength to your jaw. It is a fact that without teeth job begins to break down slowly. It is better not to delay for dentures for a longer period. If there is more delay in wearing dentures you will start to look older. So, if you have gone for dental implants it is a sensible decision that you have made. It will hold your jaw and will keep it strong. This is the basic reason All on 6 is recommended by dentists. You will only realize its importance once you will get it done as it will strengthen and stimulate your entire jawbone.

Whether it is All on 4 or All on 6, both are considered to be great solutions to any of your dental-related problems. It is really good for all those who have lost most of their teeth and are eager to regain their smile. The best part is that the recovery time and adjustment time is minimal. Sometimes patients even forget that there has been some implant done. This goes to show that it is a comfortable and safe procedure to opt for. There can be no better and permanent solution to your tooth loss than dental implants.

This implant gets completed within three hours. There are some minor problems that some patients face and speech is one of those problems. After the implant is complete the dentist will tell to take a few precautions for a few days. Remember the precautions properly so that there is no problem faced by you at a later stage. Take care of your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day.

You can book your appointment at any time through an online facility. The numbers are mentioned on the site so you can call and fix your appointment without any further delay. If any of your relatives or friend is facing any problem due to tooth loss you can very well refer them this procedure of dental implant.

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