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Veneers: What are they?

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Hello guys! Today, we are going to talk about dental veneers. We will be covering on topics such as what exactly is dental veneers, the types of issues that can be solved by dental veneers, as well as what are the procedure that is needed to get dental veneers. So keep on reading to get more information about dental veneers!

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers or sometimes referred to by others as dental porcelain laminates are a type of shells of tooth-colored materials that are custom made and are wafer-thin that is designed for people who would like to improve their appearance by covering the front part of the teeth. These shells will then be permanently bonded to the front teeth of the patient to change the shape, color, length as well as the size of the teeth. Standard dental veneers are made from a type of resin composite materials or porcelain.

Dental veneers that are made from porcelain are known to be able to resist stains better if we were to compare it to the dental veneers that are made from resin composite materials. On top of that, dental veneers that are made from porcelain also known to have the properties of reflecting the light better than the one that is made from resin composite materials making it better in mimicking the properties of a real tooth.

Problems that Can Be Solved by Dental Veneers

The problems listed below are the list of things that can be solved by Dental Veneers.

  • Discolored teeth issues which may be caused by root canal treatment, an excessive amount of fluoride, stains from drugs, or by large resins fillings
  • Teeth that have already been broken down
  • Teeth that have already been chipped
  • Teeth that are not even, not properly aligned in its position, or teeth that have an irregular shape
  • Teeth that have gaps. By using dental veneers, the patient will be able to close the unwanted space that is available between the tooth of the patients to improve their appearance.

What is the Procedure that is Needed to Get Dental Veneers?

Getting dental veneers would usually need you to meet your dentist for at least three times. For the first time that you meet your dentist, he or she is going to have a consultation session with you to identify your problems and choosing the best solution for those problems. The second time that you meet your dentist, he or she will discuss with you on which kinds of dental veneers that you would prefer to have so that he or she will be able to make one for you. Finally, the third time that you meet your dentist, he or she will apply the veneers onto your teeth and you have a dental veneer to improve your appearance.

Planning for the treatment and Identifying the Problems

The first meeting that you will have with your dentist will require your commitment to telling your dentist as much information as you can. During this meeting, your dentist will take a look at your teeth to ensure that dental veneers are safe for you and your dentist will also inform you about what is the procedure that will be involved.

Making Your Very Own Dental Veneer

Your dentist will reshape the surface of your tooth which is approximately the same as the thickness of a regular veneer that will be added to your teeth later on. This step is required to prepare your tooth for a veneer. You will be discussing with your dentist about whether or not you need a local anesthetic. After that, a model of your tooth will be sent to a dental laboratory that will be used to make your veneer.

The Process of Bonding Your Veneer to Your Tooth

Just like how you want to test the size of a shoe to see if it fits or not, the same goes for a dental veneer. Your dentist will first place the veneer on your tooth to see if it fits or not as well as to see if the color of the dental veneer is the one that you like right before he or she cemented the dental veneer on your tooth. Your dentist will have to repeat the process of removing and trimming the veneer until you are satisfied and comfortable with the veneer.

After that, your tooth will be thoroughly polished and cleaned so that the veneer will be able to have a better bonding with your tooth. Cement will be applied to your veneer and then the dentist will place the veneer on your teeth. Next, a light beam will be focused to your veneer to activate the chemical that is contained in the cement. This will make the dental veneer to harden on your tooth rapidly and finally, the dentist will ensure that you will be able to bite normally so that you would not have any problems eating. Apart from that, he or she will also remove any excess cement on your dental veneer.

Your dentist will request you to return to check up on how your gum reacts to the dental veneer as well as to observe the placement of your dental veneer just to make sure that everything is good.

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