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Emergency Dental Accidents and Benefits of Emergency Dental Visits

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Recently, there’s a high need for emergency dental services due to the rise in dental emergencies. It’s, therefore, beneficial to understand the various types of accidents that can cause emergency dental visits. Below are key types of accidents that require emergency services as well as why you should be checked after one of these accidents.

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth

This is a major accident that requires emergency dental services although many individuals don’t view it from such a perspective. This emergency is important because you need less than an hour in order your tooth may survive. Research shows that more than 85% of teeth put back in their sockets within five minutes normally survive. Therefore, it’s essential to reattach your tooth within an hour to enhance the chances of its survival. Dislocated teeth may suffer from periodontal ligament tissue tears whereby additional scrubbing can cause more damage to the tissues. Keep your tooth in your mouth to maintain its freshness.

  1. Tooth Fracture

Teeth fractures are normally common and can result in broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. This accident can be caused by poor oral health or a hard impact on your tooth. All tooth fractures no matter how minor they’re, they require emergency dental visits. Rinse your mouth using warm water to minimize the swelling. In addition, put an ice pack on the impacted area to reduce swelling.

  1. Filling Falls Out

This accident requires emergency dental visits because the impacted area will be exposed to pressure and air. This will concurrently impact the tooth tissue because it will be hypersensitive to the environment. Furthermore, you’ll experience tremendous pain if not attended to. If you notice a lost filling, call the right emergency dental services. Dental cement is the perfect way to seal your lose filling. To secure the filling, put your tooth back and apply a dental cement. For individuals who can’t identify their filling, they should apply clove oil on the affected area. To reduce the pain, use a cotton swab to apply the clove oil.

  1. Abscess

This type of accident isn’t easy to diagnose because it’s not easy to recognize the accident. Abscesses occur when an individual’s mouth have build up bacteria. This can cause a painful swelling on your tooth which is filled with pus. Abscess are extremely harmful to an individual’s tissues as well as teeth. If you’re experiencing any signs of abscess, have an emergency dental visit to prevent a severe condition. To minimize pain, rinse your mouth with salty water until the pus bursts.

  1. Mouth Tissue Laceration

This is a severe tissue injury in your mouth. This accident normally happens when lacerations and cuts occur in your mouth. These lacerations can cause tissue damage inside your cheeks, lips, your tongue. For an effective treatment, visit an emergency dental service as soon as possible.

Benefits of Visiting a Dentist for Dental Emergency

– The Dentist may Secure your Teeth

Visiting an emergency dentist enhances the chances of recovering from the accident. Contact an expert who will help you with essential tips on how to take maximum care of your tooth before and after being attended by a dentist. Focus on preventing further damages.

– Reduces Pain

A reputable and experienced emergency dentist will help you with ways to reduce pain before seeking treatment.

– Helps in Minimizing the Risk of Complications

Your situation may be much worse if you delay seeing an emergency dentist. A number of these accidents aren’t contained. This simply means these accidents can cause other types of complications when not dealt with as soon as possible.

– Faster Recovery

Visiting an emergency dentist enhances the chances of a faster recovery period. If you immediately seek emergency dental services, you’ll have the additional benefit of having a full and quick recovery.

– You’ll sleep well

You can experience sleepless nights when you’re suffering from any of the above dental accidents. Visit an emergency dentist and enjoy your nights due to reduced pain in the affected area of your tooth.


It’s, therefore, important to visit an emergency dentist because you’ll save a lot in terms of your tooth condition. The right emergency dentist will ask relevant questions and effectively evaluate your condition.Consider to visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible to secure your tooth from these accidents.

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