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Can you get a filling While you Have Braces?

Can you get a filling While you Have Braces?

One of the most common questions people have is whether they will be able to get a filling while they are wearing braces. The short answer is yes. Braces don’t prevent you from getting fillings. Not only can you get a filling with braces, but not getting your cavity filled promptly could result in damaging the chances of success for your orthodontics work.

The longer answer is still yes, but cavities are also easier to treat before braces. so it’s optimal to see your Lake Forest dentist for a cleaning and check-up before getting braces.

However, cavities can develop after your orthodontic treatment starts. In such situations, it’s important to act quickly to avoid complications to your ongoing treatment. If you know you’re susceptible to cavities, it might be smart to first consider Invisalign© as an alternative to avoid larger complications. 

Avoid cavities with good oral Hygiene

  • Brush at least twice a day! after every meal if you want to be extra careful!
  • Floss! Make sure to remove all the plaque that gets trapped between teeth and under your gums
  • Eat a healthy diet & Drink Plenty of water! 
  • Visit your dental office regularly for check-ups and cleanings!

Traditional braces make it easier for food to get trapped. Over time, trapped food particles can lead to a buildup of bacteria and plaque on the teeth, which causes decay. If a cavity develops, you may experience a toothache, tooth sensitivity, or mild to sharp pain with hot or cold beverages.

To prevent the decay from spreading, your dentist will recommend a filling, which restores tooth damage and maintains the tooth’s shape.


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